The Best Treatment For Diabetic Nephropathy

I am diabetic and my kidney work 11% only .what kind help is the best ?

Your current condition is the typical case of kidney failure caused by the diabetic. I would like to introduce the progress of this disease and we can find the way of treatment from it.

Why the DN patients are suggested to do the dialysis? It because the body is in the high-sugar level for a long time, the sugar poison effect and some other reasons cause the blood “polluted” and the inherent immune system got disturbed and cause the massive immune complex can not discharge from kidney normally.

Those immune complexes deposited in the part of body and cause the damage of inherent renal cells. The renal cells become the fibrosis and sclerosis when the damaged renal cell do not get repair timely. At this time, the kidney function such as removing toxins, water, and internal secretion function can be influenced, and then patients usually have higher level of creatinine, BUN level, swelling, reducing urine output, hypertension, anemia and some other problem which are risk of their life. By this time, doing dialysis can replace some of the kidney function, and to maintain the normal human physiological activity. However, doing dialysis for such a long time can make patients’ health condition worse.

This is the process of DN. And only we do something to the “unhealthy” blood, which can be treat by blood purification therapy, Immune six steps therapy to remove the immune complex, repair the damaging renal cells and regain the function of discharging toxins and wastes, can we repair the kidney function, and avoid dialysis.

The detailed treatment include: blood purification therapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, stem cells therapy, foot bath, medical bath, acupuncture, moxa-moxibustion, traditional medicine clyster, massage. Etc.

Regarding your condition, the kidney function is 10%, you’d better not take oral Chinese medicine treatment, or it will cause hyperkalemia. If is can not deal well, it would cause some problem.

Which treatment should be for you should according to your personal condition. we will make a treatment plan for you after the systematic tests and experts consultation.

If you have some other question, you can contact me. and if you don’t mind, I can communicated your illness condition with your family. And If there is something I didn’t explain clearly to you and your family, I hope you can let me know. all I want to do is to help you and I worry about your condition for further development if it is not treated properly.