11-Year-Old Daughter Suffering From Kidney Failure Since 4 Months

11-Year-Old Daughter Suffering From Kidney Failure Since 4 Months

11-Year-Old Daughter Suffering From Kidney Failure Since 4 Months

I read your daughter’s test results and the present medicine she is using now. Your daughter’s present condition is very severe. Her creatinine level now is very high, which is the most important referal parameter for the kidney damage degree. And you daughter is on dialysis now, which can only relieve your daughter’s symptoms, but repair the renal fucntion from the root. So, the present method you daughter are using now can not treat your daughter’s disease. Our suggestion for you daughter is take effective treatment immediately. As long as your daughter still have renal function, we think your daughter’s renal function still have hope to be improved.

Our suggestion for you daughter is to use the combination of Western medicine and Chinese medicine with giving priority to external use of Chinese medicine. Control the progress of the illness condition with western medicine, then, block renal fibrosis with external use of Chinese medicine. Condition’s deterioration of kidney disease is the result of pathological damage of renal fibrosis. In order to control the deterioration of illness condition effectively, we must block pathological damage of renal fibrosis, meanwhile, repair damaged renal tissue and mesangial cells. As long as the kidney is repaired effectively, renal function is restored, and toxins is eliminated, the illness condition will be improved, even recover.

We suggest to use Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy and stem cell transplantation.

Micro-Chinese Medicine could be targeted at the damaged renal tissue directly through physical osmosis, playing effects of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, diminish inflammation, repair and regeneration. As long as the damaged renal tissue can be repaired fully, satisfied therapeutic effects can be achieved.

At the same time with the micro-Chinese Medicine Omsotherapy, we will use stem cell transplantation therapy. The stem cell is a group of cells who have the capacity of self-renew and differentiation. They can generate a great amount of daughter cells under the proper condition. In addition, the stem cell has the lifelong self-update ability and also has the capacity of differentiating into kinds of cells needed by the systems. Therefore, the stem cell is vividly described as toti potent cell.

The principle of Stem Cell Transplant originate from the above two features of Stem cell. Resent years, the researches showed that, bone marrow stem cell has capacity of differentiation into renal parenchymal cell, and can differentiate into various renal cells, such as mesangial cell J, epithelial cell, sertoli cell and endothelial cell, etc. which can selectively repair part of glomerular tubules in the outer medulla, recover renal tubule structure and function.

The experts in our hospital utilize the self-replication and differentiation ability to repair the damaged cells and restore the function of visceral organ and human tissue. After the stem cells transplanted into the body, they can transfer to kidney lesion automatically through the automatic homing of stem cells, differentiate kinds of desired cells, and then repair the kidney inherent cell, restore the kidney function, blocky and reverse the kidney fibrosis process.


High Blood Pressure Lead To Renal Failure

I think you know that there are more than 1 million glomerulus in one kidney . The glomerulus in your kidneys can be divided to 3 parts . One part of glomerulus are healthy , they are maintaining the rest of your renal function . One part of his glomerulus are been damaged due to lack of blood and oxygen in your kidneys and inflammation reaction in your kidneys . The last part of glomerulus have been got sclerosis and they can’t work any more .

What we can do for you now is to help you protect your healthy glomerulus and prevent them from getting damaged by offer a good inner environment . For the damaged renal cells we should offer enough blood and oxygen to your kidneys then make the damaged renal cells get repaired . Only by this way can your renal function get improved .

According to your illness condition , Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy will have a good effect for improve your renal function .

There is some information about Micro-Chiense Medicine Osotherapy , hope it can make you clear .

You may have heard of Chinese medicine (Chinese herbs) before. Here only a simple affix “Micro-“is added before it, but it means a lot improvement in treating kidney disease. Traditional Chinese herbs are oral medicine. Firstly, they burden the kidneys, because the kidney is the organ responsible for filtrating fluid. Secondly, most of Chinese herbs decoction is bitter to drink. Many patients cannot bear them. Lastly, the rate of sorption by kidneys is very low, for it arrives at renal lesions through many tracts, such as digestive tract and gastrointestinal tract.

However, micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is different from traditional Chinese herbal medicine. Here, Chinese herbs are superfinely shattered into powder and packaged in a sack. When used, the sack should be soaked in the special penetrant for around two hours and then be heated for one hour or so. After all is ready, patients just need to lie in bed with two sacks attached to renal regions. What’s more, the sacks are connected with an osmosis device, the mechanism of which is to promote permeation of medicine by vibration indirectly controlled by electron pulse. In this way, the ingredients of Chinese medicine can efficiently permeate into the renal lesions, realizing the goal of treating kidney disease effectively. Patients would feel massaged during the treatment, very comfortable. Usually this treatment is given 2-3times every day and 45mins each time. Specifically speaking, Micro-Chinese Medicine can dilate blood vessels and decrease blood coagulation, thus improving blood circulation of kidneys. In addition, it can also decrease inflammatory reaction and degrade extracellular matrixes (ECM) both of which contribute to fibrosis of renal functional cells. In this way, Micro-Chinese Medicine can effectively prevent renal fibrosis and thereby stop your kidney disease from progressing. You can look the pictures about the procedures of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy , hope it can help you know more about it .

The near future effect is as the following: After 7 days treatment of micro-Chinese medicine. The anemia will be greatly improved. You will not feel tired and the face will be ruddy. The appetite will be good .After ten days’ treatment, there will be changes with urine. The 24 hours urine volume will increase and floc can be seen in the urine and the color of the urine will be dark , which means more toxins will be discharged out. After three weeks’ treatment, the serum creatinine will be lowered and the renal function will be improved. Some of your complications can be also controlled very well .The frequency of doing dialysis will be gradually reduced with the treatment going on and your physical condition will also get better. If your renal function can be reached at 15% , you will have the chance to get rid of dialysis later .

We will suggest you stay at hospital for about one month . The general cost is about 20.000 us dollars . Which will include your hospitalization , accommodation , nursing service , interpretor service ,etc . Except food . You can cook by yourself ,because there is a small kitchen in your ward and you can also order food from our hospital canteen .

When you go back , we will also do follow up for you because we have Return Department here . Actually our hospital is one of the largest hospitals in China which is specialized in treating kidney disease , till now more than 50 countries patients come here to receive proper treatment for their kidney disease . I’d like to also share with you some pictures about patients in our hospital and also ward . Hope you can know more about our hospital .

What Diet For Renal Failure

What Diet For Renal Failure

What Diet For Renal Failure

A renal failure diet controls the amount of protein and phosphorus in your diet. You may also have to limit calcium, sodium, and potassium. A renal failure diet can help decrease the amount of waste made by your body, which can help your kidneys work better. It may also help to delay total renal failure. Your diet may change over time as your health condition changes. You may also need to make other diet changes if you have other health problems, such as diabetes.

* Look for no or low-salt versions of your favorite foods: tuna packed in water rather than oil, salt-free pretzels, unseasoned popcorn (dress up with chili powder, parmesan cheese, and a little garlic powder), no-salt butter are some examples.

* Collect a good selection of no-sodium seasonings; these can surprise people with spicy, robust taste independent of any salt.

* Keep an eye out for quick and easy low-sodium recipes for your favorite foods, and stock your pantry with the ingredients.

FLUIDS must be restricted. Your physician will set a limit for you, somewhere between four and eight cups maximum per day. Fluid is defined as anything that melts at room temperature, so in addition to water and juices, you must count ice cream, gelatin desserts, sherbet, and watermelon.

POTASSIUM counts, too, and it’s harder to control for several reasons. You can’t taste it, like you can salt, it’s not a required item to be listed in the nutritional contents of packaged food, and it’s in many foods.

Low potassium foods, safest to include frequently in a renal patient’s diet, include applesauce, black berries, grapes, tangerines, canned pears and plums; asparagus, green or waxed beans, corn, cauliflower, cucumbers, water chestnuts, and summer squash. Juices such as apple, cranberry, lemonade, grape, and fruit-flavored drinks are okay; just remember to count them in your fluid total for the day.

Nutrition and Diet Avoid Kidney Disease

Nutrition and Diet in Kidney DiseaseWhen a person has renal failure it means the kidneys cannot filter the toxins that accumulate in their body from the things they eat and drink, and the medications they take. Because of the inability of the kidneys to perform this function these wastes build up in the blood system and can cause illness and even death.

There are many foods that contain minerals and substances that are especially harmful to a person with renal failure. Below is a list of foods to avoid if you have renal failure.

Avoid foods with high sodium content

Too much sodium in the diet can cause fluid retention and raise your blood pressure. Seasonings like soy sauce and teriyaki sauce, canned foods, processed meats, snack foods, pizza, hot dogs, pickles, cheese, and even frozen vegetables with sauce are high in sodium. Avoid them. Keep your daily sodium intake less than 1.5g.


Potassium should not be restricted routinely, as it is present in many very healthy foods, however this is sometimes necessary when kidney function has become very poor. High potassium levels are very dangerous but usually only a problem in advanced kidney disease. Depending on medication some unlucky people need to restrict potassium at milder levels of kidney failure.

Avoid foods high in sodium if you have renal failure

Foods that are very high in sodium are canned soups and other canned foods, packaged foods, and processed meats. Too much sodium is unhealthy for anyone and especially if you have renal failure. Avoid foods that are high in sodium and try to reduce the amount of salt you use on foods.

Milk may not be the right choice

Avoid or limit milk or milky drinks up to half a pint per day if you are suffering from kidney failure. Milk is high in potassium content. In some people it may lead to milk-alkali syndrome wherein there is a shift in the body’s acid-base balance towards alkaline because of high levels of calcium. This may permanently damage the kidneys since this condition is not reversible if one suffers from kidney dysfunction.

What Are Causes Of Renal Failure

What Are Causes Of Renal FailureRenal failure occurs when the kidneys fail to perform their regular function of filtering the wastes from blood and maintaining acid base and mineral balance in the body.

Renal failure can be acute or rapid or sudden in onset where it is termed acute renal failure or acute renal insufficiency. When renal failure occurs after long term kidney disease, it is called chronic renal failure.

Causes of Chronic Renal Failure

The most common causes of chronic renal failure in North America are diabetes mellitus (type 1 or type 2 diabetes) and high blood pressure. The most common cause of end-stage renal failure worldwide is IgA nephropathy (an inflammatory disease of the kidney).

One of the complications resulting from diabetes or high blood pressure is the damage to the small blood vessels in the body. The blood vessels in the kidneys also become damaged, resulting in CKD.

Other common causes of chronic renal failure include:

recurring pyelonephritis (kidney infection)

polycystic kidney disease (multiple cysts in the kidneys)

autoimmune disorders such as systemic lupus erythematosus

hardening of the arteries, which can damage blood vessels in the kidney

urinary tract blockages and reflux, due to frequent infections, stones, or an anatomical abnormality that happened at birth

excessive use of medications that are metabolized through the kidneys