Aovid Dialysis or Kidney Transplant For PKD

Kidney Transplant

Kidney Transplant

You do not want dialysis or kidney transplant but you are not very convinced whether you can get benefitedby our treatment.

Frankly speaking, I do not know your finaltreatment effect as well. I am sure no doctor dare to say so, before youtake one certain treatment. Because there are individual cases no matter inchinese medicine but also in west medicine. However, one point confirmed ismany patients have got benefited by this comprehensive treatment.

According to our clinical observation, mostpatients can feel effect within 3-5days in their urine color, appearance, andquantity. If they are sentitive to medicine, cysts

can shrink 1-2cm during15-30days’ hospitalization, still some may have no effect withinhospitalization. This is true, because their illness condition are quitedifferent and their sensitivity to medicine are also various. However, oneinteresting phenomenon is the smaller the cysts are, the better treatmenteffect can be. For those very big cysts say 8cm, the speed of cysts’ enlargement become slowafter treatment. We have a Chinese patient, when she was firstdiagnosed with PKD, the size of cysts was 1.5cm, when she get admitted into ourhospital the biggest cysts was 5.9, she was already undergoingdialysis because her creatinine reached up to 12 at that moment. From1.5 to 5.9, it only takes one year, so it developed veryrapidly and her renal function also declines alot. She stayed in hospital for2months, when she discharged from here, her cysts is still 5.9cm. You may think she did not have anyeffect becasue her cysts did not change. Yes, no change is the improvement,because its rapid enlargement has been halted. To treat one disease, we notonly need concern its final treatment effect but grasp its development rule.

As to the consolidation treatment,patients are requisite to take 3months consolidation treatment,after that their condition can be stable. According to our records,once cysts get stable, the treatment effect can last 7-8yrs and evenlonger time, it is highly associated with the consolidation treatmentperiod, the longer it is, the better treatment effect can be.