Micro Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy For Stage 4 Kidney Disease With25% Kidney Function

chinese bathMy son has ckd stage-4 his kidney function is only 25% only. this bcos he is a joubert syndrome patient.incase his kidney function will get worst and if he need kidney transplant will he can bear for his age 6. also due to JB again kidney will get damage. thank u.

For his condition, doing dialysis and transplant is not suitable for him. He is too young, his tolerance ability is not strong than the adult.

So we suggest him to receive the conservative treatment which is safer and easier to accept by the little Child.

The treatment is mainly using Chinese herbal medicine and biotherapy.

For Children patient, doing the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is helpful.

1. External Chinese herbs bag, the active ingredients can penetrate into kidney by special aculpoints in waist area, to improve blood supply, reduce inflammation, this is effective to protect and restore those renal cells.

2. Medicated bath, it can promote blood circulation in whole body, this is highly helpful to reduce toxins in his body and stabilize his blood pressure. And the toxins can be removed out of body through the sweat.

3. The food bath, massage and some other supportive treatment will be given when it is necessary.

Because he is little and has the JB, we will try our best to let him reduce suffering and choose more suitable way for him.

Usually, patients can feel effect within 7-10days in below aspects:

1. The blood circulation is becoming better, his feet and hands become warmer. And the blood pressure is getting stable.

2. Gastrointestinal tract system, his appetite can be improved, intestine wriggle speed up.

3. Nerve system impoves, headache, back pain, sleep become better, fatigue and faint can disappear as well.

4. Urinary tract system, proteinuria can become less, cotton-like material can be observed in urine which is discomposed the toxins and wastes.

Through this way, his kidney function will be repaired and the creatinine level will go down naturally.