Complications And Treatment PKD

Complications And Treatment PKD

Complications And Treatment PKD

Once the cyst isover 3cm, thepossibility to rupture can increase a lot. Now the biggest one is 6cm, so you must take precautions to avoidits rupture. Bending for long should be avoided, strenuous sports should beavoided also, like football, cyclying as well as sexual life, any externalpressure can increase the incidence of cyst rupture. Your present urinevolume is approaching normal range, that means there are still manyfunctional cells in your kidneys, so it is quite necessary to taketreatment to halt the aggravation of your condition.


In our clinicalcases, some PKD patients have cysts not only in their kidneys but also in theirliver, pancreas and even brain, with the aggravation of theircondition, how about your condition?

General treatment course:

30-45days meansthe treatment in kidney failure web , during the hospitalization, your fatigue, swelling,high blood pressure can get improved gradually. And then you can dischrge fromhospital and begin the consolidation treatment in home for 3-6months, becausestem cells requires such a period of time to grow. For the consolidationtreatment, you just need take Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy inyour home. Accrding to our experience, if you can take treatment at theearlist time, you need not repear course treamtent after the strictconsolidation treatment. During the hospitalization and consolidation treatment, our medical staff in follow-up dept. will contact you regularly and giveyou direction at the first time.


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