11-Year-Old Daughter Suffering From Kidney Failure Since 4 Months

11-Year-Old Daughter Suffering From Kidney Failure Since 4 Months

11-Year-Old Daughter Suffering From Kidney Failure Since 4 Months

I read your daughter’s test results and the present medicine she is using now. Your daughter’s present condition is very severe. Her creatinine level now is very high, which is the most important referal parameter for the kidney damage degree. And you daughter is on dialysis now, which can only relieve your daughter’s symptoms, but repair the renal fucntion from the root. So, the present method you daughter are using now can not treat your daughter’s disease. Our suggestion for you daughter is take effective treatment immediately. As long as your daughter still have renal function, we think your daughter’s renal function still have hope to be improved.

Our suggestion for you daughter is to use the combination of Western medicine and Chinese medicine with giving priority to external use of Chinese medicine. Control the progress of the illness condition with western medicine, then, block renal fibrosis with external use of Chinese medicine. Condition’s deterioration of kidney disease is the result of pathological damage of renal fibrosis. In order to control the deterioration of illness condition effectively, we must block pathological damage of renal fibrosis, meanwhile, repair damaged renal tissue and mesangial cells. As long as the kidney is repaired effectively, renal function is restored, and toxins is eliminated, the illness condition will be improved, even recover.

We suggest to use Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy and stem cell transplantation.

Micro-Chinese Medicine could be targeted at the damaged renal tissue directly through physical osmosis, playing effects of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, diminish inflammation, repair and regeneration. As long as the damaged renal tissue can be repaired fully, satisfied therapeutic effects can be achieved.

At the same time with the micro-Chinese Medicine Omsotherapy, we will use stem cell transplantation therapy. The stem cell is a group of cells who have the capacity of self-renew and differentiation. They can generate a great amount of daughter cells under the proper condition. In addition, the stem cell has the lifelong self-update ability and also has the capacity of differentiating into kinds of cells needed by the systems. Therefore, the stem cell is vividly described as toti potent cell.

The principle of Stem Cell Transplant originate from the above two features of Stem cell. Resent years, the researches showed that, bone marrow stem cell has capacity of differentiation into renal parenchymal cell, and can differentiate into various renal cells, such as mesangial cell J, epithelial cell, sertoli cell and endothelial cell, etc. which can selectively repair part of glomerular tubules in the outer medulla, recover renal tubule structure and function.

The experts in our hospital utilize the self-replication and differentiation ability to repair the damaged cells and restore the function of visceral organ and human tissue. After the stem cells transplanted into the body, they can transfer to kidney lesion automatically through the automatic homing of stem cells, differentiate kinds of desired cells, and then repair the kidney inherent cell, restore the kidney function, blocky and reverse the kidney fibrosis process.


Dialysis For Diabetes with Kidney Disease

Dialysis For Diabetes with Kidney Disease

Dialysis For Diabetes with Kidney Disease

You told me that your father is suffering from Diabetes for 15 years, high blood pressure for 20 years, and he has taken some medicines, maybe all these factors damage your father’s kidney function together. Now your father’s creatinine is 415.6, age: 67, which means he has already in the stage of CKD4. If the his disease can’t be controlled well, he will develop into the CKD5 quickly, at that time, he has to receive the dialysis.

Now, your father’s should not do so many busy work, because the busy work will increase the burden of kidneys, the kidney disease will deteriorate quickly, he should stick to the balance between work and rest. In his daily life, he should have low-salt diet, quit smoking and drinking, don’t eat spicy food, fast food, stimulating food, don’t stay up all night, don’t catch a cold, because cold is very easy to get infection in the kidneys.

1. After our treatment, most of the patients have good treatment effect. Their kidney function can be enhanced, their discomfort feelings has alleviated. The best treatment effect for the patient is to get rid of the dialysis, but this good treatment effect is not depends on our treatment, but also depends on the cooperation between kidney experts and the patients. After our treatment, the patient should pay more attention to his daily life, and the kidney experts will tell them what they should do, what they should not do. For some patients, they received the dialysis for 5-10 years, they don’t have urine output, it is very difficult for them to get rid of dialysis, after our treatment, they can reduce the dialysis time, such as three times a week dialysis can reduce to two times dialysis a week.

Your father doesn’t need to do the dialysis at present, your people don’t need to think about this question.

2. After our treatment, we suggest the patient stick to the treatment when he at home, and our Return Visit Department will call or e-mail him regularly for knowing his body change and guidance his treatment when he at home, if the patient’s illness condition is steady, we just post the medicines to him. If his disease become better, he will send his recent medical reports to us, after our kidney experts analyze his illness condition, we will give him the proper suggestion to reduce or increase the medicines. If his illness condition become serious, we need the patient to tell us his recent daily life, medicines, physical medical reports etc. After the kidney experts analyze his illness condition, we will give the patient proper suggestion, or we need the patient come back to our hospital.

How To Treat Diabetes Causes Kidney Disease

How To Treat Diabetes Causes Kidney Disease

How To Treat Diabetes Causes Kidney Disease

I remember when I called your father, he told me that he has suffered Diabetes for 15 years, high blood pressure for 20 years, please notice that both high blood pressure and Diabetes will affect his kidneys at that same time. Diabetes or Hypertension will affect the whole body’s blood vessels and capillaries, then damage the whole body, such as cause the eye problems, foot problems, leg problems, heart problems etc. Dose your father have these problems?

According to his illness condition, we suggest your father receive the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy+ Stem Cells Treatment+ Immunotherapy.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can help your father to repair the damaged kidneys.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has the curative effect for kidney disease, which can treat the kidney disease from root. (1)Chinese Medicine is abstracted from Chinese herbs, without any side-effect. (2) With the help of penetrant and osmosis devices, effective Chinese Medicine are penetrated into renal lesion by external application. (As you know, any oral taking medicines will affect kidney more or less). (3) The therapeutic mechanism of this therapy is to block the process of renal fibrosis, dilate blood vessels, promote the micro-blood circulation, repair the damaged renal intrinsic cells, and remove the stasis in channels. At the same time, Chinese Medicine has the effect like anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, preventing blood viscosity and degrading extracellular matrixes. The main functions of Chinese Medicine are: block+ repair.

Stem Cells can generate new cells to replace the dead cells in the human body.

Stem Cells Transplant as a brand new method in our hospital. Stem cells have the ability of self-renewal and multi-replication, they can differentiate into various kinds of renal cells which the kidney need, and then the new born cells can replace the necrotic cells, thus achieving the purpose of rebuilding the renal structure. Stem Cells Transplant as an advanced treatment in medicine, which have the greatly improved the treatment effect of kidney disease. Chinese experts have accumulated a lot of experiences in this field because of enough sources.

Immunotherapy can enhance the whole body’s immunity.

Immunotherapy is a kind of method to enhance the patient’s own immunity, as long as the patient’s own immunity can be enhanced, the whole body’s fighting capacity can increased greatly. For example, if some patient catch a cold, someone needs to take the medicine, but other patients don’t need to take the medicine, their own immunity can overcome the disease. Our purpose is to fight with the disease by the patient own immunity.

What Smoking Can harm To Your Kidneys

What Smoking Can harm To Your Kidneys

What Smoking Can harm To Your Kidneys

The harmful effects of smoking are widely known because it has been proven time and time again that the habit is linked to fatal conditions such as lung cancer, pulmonary disease, and coronary heart disease. It also reduces the ability to smell and taste and is said to cause premature wrinkling of the skin. However, what most people don’t know is that smoking affects the kidneys too. Yes, you heard it right. It does not just affect your lungs in particular, but it also hits your Kidneys too.

According to WebMD, active and passive smoking can cause harmful effects to kidneys and to those who already have a kidney disease, they are contributing to the progress of their condition through smoking. Basically, the harmful effects of smoking to our kidneys are:

Accelerate the loss of kidney function.

Reduce blood flow to the kidneys.

Increase heart rate and blood pressure.

Narrowing of blood vessels in the kidneys.

Damage to branches of arteries.

This may not sound so threatening or scary because of the impression that little is known about such cases and we don’t ever hear anyone dying from a Kidney disease because of excessive smoking. Yes, that may seem correct and true but who knows? Indications may not be visible right now but if you continue to smoke or be surrounded with smokers, it could hit you unexpectedly. It is best if you start to take care of your kidneys and all the other parts of your body before it’s too late. You know what they say, prevention is better than cure.

For those who already have a kidney disease like kidney stones or chronic kidney disease, it is best to not disregard this information. One stick of cigarette may not be alarming to you, but remember that one stick of cigarette contains more than 7,000 different harmful chemicals such as tar, carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide along with the addictive nicotine. Many of these chemicals are chemically active and can trigger both small and big changes in our body which do us more harm than good.

Furthermore, we all know that it’s hard to quit smoking or it’s hard to make our family members to quit smoking for the basic reason that it is truly addictive. Yes, that is right. However, there are ways to quit smoking. There may not be an easy way out, but there is a way if self-discipline is put first and implemented well. If you happen to think of quitting, here are some tips that might help you:

Talk to your doctor for any advices and ask him or her if there’s anything that could replace nicotine that’s not harmful to your system.

Encourage and motivate yourself to not give in when you crave. You can use alternatives such as chewing gum or candy, converse with friends and family members and try to find a different habit (that is safe, of course!).

Encourage and motivate yourself by joining quit-smoking programs.

Look for a new hobby that can keep your mind busy.

Keep trying and trying until you finally find yourself free from smoking.

The first try may be the hardest but you have to put it in your mind and heart that this is only for your own good and for the sake of the people who love and care for you, because when the time comes that you will be suffering from a disease, they will also suffer emotionally too. So stop smoking and give yourself an opportunity to enjoy life longer with the people you love and have a happier and healthier kidney too!