11-Year-Old Daughter Suffering From Kidney Failure Since 4 Months

11-Year-Old Daughter Suffering From Kidney Failure Since 4 Months

11-Year-Old Daughter Suffering From Kidney Failure Since 4 Months

I read your daughter’s test results and the present medicine she is using now. Your daughter’s present condition is very severe. Her creatinine level now is very high, which is the most important referal parameter for the kidney damage degree. And you daughter is on dialysis now, which can only relieve your daughter’s symptoms, but repair the renal fucntion from the root. So, the present method you daughter are using now can not treat your daughter’s disease. Our suggestion for you daughter is take effective treatment immediately. As long as your daughter still have renal function, we think your daughter’s renal function still have hope to be improved.

Our suggestion for you daughter is to use the combination of Western medicine and Chinese medicine with giving priority to external use of Chinese medicine. Control the progress of the illness condition with western medicine, then, block renal fibrosis with external use of Chinese medicine. Condition’s deterioration of kidney disease is the result of pathological damage of renal fibrosis. In order to control the deterioration of illness condition effectively, we must block pathological damage of renal fibrosis, meanwhile, repair damaged renal tissue and mesangial cells. As long as the kidney is repaired effectively, renal function is restored, and toxins is eliminated, the illness condition will be improved, even recover.

We suggest to use Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy and stem cell transplantation.

Micro-Chinese Medicine could be targeted at the damaged renal tissue directly through physical osmosis, playing effects of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, diminish inflammation, repair and regeneration. As long as the damaged renal tissue can be repaired fully, satisfied therapeutic effects can be achieved.

At the same time with the micro-Chinese Medicine Omsotherapy, we will use stem cell transplantation therapy. The stem cell is a group of cells who have the capacity of self-renew and differentiation. They can generate a great amount of daughter cells under the proper condition. In addition, the stem cell has the lifelong self-update ability and also has the capacity of differentiating into kinds of cells needed by the systems. Therefore, the stem cell is vividly described as toti potent cell.

The principle of Stem Cell Transplant originate from the above two features of Stem cell. Resent years, the researches showed that, bone marrow stem cell has capacity of differentiation into renal parenchymal cell, and can differentiate into various renal cells, such as mesangial cell J, epithelial cell, sertoli cell and endothelial cell, etc. which can selectively repair part of glomerular tubules in the outer medulla, recover renal tubule structure and function.

The experts in our hospital utilize the self-replication and differentiation ability to repair the damaged cells and restore the function of visceral organ and human tissue. After the stem cells transplanted into the body, they can transfer to kidney lesion automatically through the automatic homing of stem cells, differentiate kinds of desired cells, and then repair the kidney inherent cell, restore the kidney function, blocky and reverse the kidney fibrosis process.


Treatment For Lupus Kidney Disease

Treatment information for Lupus and Lupus Nephritis in our hospital. You should know that Lupus is an autoimmune disease, which indicates the damage of body immune system. There are two immune systems in human body. They are inherent immune system and back-up immune system. When both inherent immune system and back-up immune system are damaged, human body will catch some autoimmune disease such as Lupus, purpura, IgA, IgM, etc. The basic cause of these immune disease is immune complex deposition in glomerulus. Generally speaking, they key point to treat Lupus should be prevent formation of immune complex and degrade formed immune complex in glomerulus. As for the treatment for Lupus Nephritis, I picked out some advantages of our treatment. There are six procedures in treating Lupus and Lupus Nephritis.

Lupus Kidney Disease

Lupus Kidney Disease

1. We have strong diagnosis system to support doctors make clear the type, characteristics and location of these immune complex. Therefore, we can take proper and scientific medicines to block immune reaction. This is called immune block therapy.

2. After the cooperation and communication with oversea hospitals, we brought in new medicines with low side-effect, which are suitable for immunosuppressive therapy. This step can block and cut off the immune reaction in human body so that prevent the formation of new immune complex.

3. Immune tolerance stage. Although immune block therapy can prevent new immune complex, but previous immune complex has already existed and inherent cells has been damaged.Therefore, immune inflammation and cell poison damage still have chance to relapse. So in our hospital we make healthy renal cells and tissues accept those immune complex and damaged kidney tissues. We gave patients regular assessment in order to find immune reaction timely and prevent it timely. Therefore, it can prevent relapse. Actually immune tolerance stage is a immune regulation stage. Patient at that time can avoid further attack of immune reaction but this is not a treatment method. Because human body can’t coexistence with immune complex and damaged kidney tissues for long-term. That is why human immune system has rejection function. When human immune system is damaged, patients must depends on medication but there is no western medicine which can eliminate these deposited immune complex in glomerulus.

4. As we all know that Chinese medicine has the function of activate blood circulation and remove blood stasis. Combined with the characteristics of different kinds of autoimmune disease, we create Trigeminy Stereoscopic Therapy which is called Micro-Chinese Medicine Omsotherapy. It is used to remove immune complex in glomerulus. Together with some western medicines which can improve human immunity so that finish the course of repairing and rebuilding damaged kidney tissues.

5. Next step is immune protection stage. Doctors at this stage will try any possible way to protect those damaged kidney tissues and inherent kidney cells. For example, western therapies which can protect cells and tissues such as hormone medicines. IN addition, Chinese medicines which can promote blood circulation and provide nutrition. The last one is stem cell transplant such as Treg cell transplant, umbilical cord blood stem cells and mesenchymal stem cells.

6. The last step is immune clearance treatment. In our hospital we have systemic clearance technique which are immunoadsorption (PH-350L is suitable for patients with SLE), plasma exchange (HA280 is suitable for patients with SLE) and blood purification.

The above information is the general treatment steps for autoimmune diseases including SLE. Hope the information can make you more clear about our treatment. As for your son’s condition, he need urgent systemic treatment but not only the hormone medicines and common dialysis. As for your daughter, if she is diagnosed with SLE, I suggest she can get correct treatment soon. The earlier treatment she have the better treatment she can get.

Complications And Treatment PKD

Complications And Treatment PKD

Complications And Treatment PKD

Once the cyst isover 3cm, thepossibility to rupture can increase a lot. Now the biggest one is 6cm, so you must take precautions to avoidits rupture. Bending for long should be avoided, strenuous sports should beavoided also, like football, cyclying as well as sexual life, any externalpressure can increase the incidence of cyst rupture. Your present urinevolume is approaching normal range, that means there are still manyfunctional cells in your kidneys, so it is quite necessary to taketreatment to halt the aggravation of your condition.


In our clinicalcases, some PKD patients have cysts not only in their kidneys but also in theirliver, pancreas and even brain, with the aggravation of theircondition, how about your condition?

General treatment course:

30-45days meansthe treatment in kidney failure web , during the hospitalization, your fatigue, swelling,high blood pressure can get improved gradually. And then you can dischrge fromhospital and begin the consolidation treatment in home for 3-6months, becausestem cells requires such a period of time to grow. For the consolidationtreatment, you just need take Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy inyour home. Accrding to our experience, if you can take treatment at theearlist time, you need not repear course treamtent after the strictconsolidation treatment. During the hospitalization and consolidation treatment, our medical staff in follow-up dept. will contact you regularly and giveyou direction at the first time.

Chinese Medicine For Iga nephropathy

Chinese Medicine For Iga nephropathy

Chinese Medicine For Iga nephropathy

IgA Nephropathy is a kind of auto immune disease. If our immunity is low, it is very likely to cause immune disorder after getting a fever or infection.The immune disorder will cause over reaction of immune system. The immune complex will stay in blood circulation and deposit on other organs.Too much immune complex deposited on the golumerular basement membrane and will cause the proliferation and swelling of mesangial cells thus damaging the charge barrier and mechanical barrier. It cannot block the leakage of protein. That’s why you have protein in urine.

In treating this disease, we have to first control the immune reaction. Most immune blocks can achieve this effect. I hope you can send me the medications you are taking now. However, there is no effective western medicine that can remove the immune complex. If the immune complex remain in the body, whenever we reduce the dose of immune block or stop it, the symptoms will relapse. Only if we remove the immune complex on the basement membrane and repair the damaged mesangial cells, the protein leakage can be stopped fundamentally.

Chinese medicine can regulate the immune reaction and rebuild immune system, so if well treated the disease will not recur. We are kidney disease specialized hospital and for immune disease like IgA Nephropathy, Immunotherapy and MicroChinese Medicine Osmotherapy are used together to treat this disease on the basis of exact diagnosis.