Complications And Treatment PKD

Complications And Treatment PKD

Complications And Treatment PKD

Once the cyst isover 3cm, thepossibility to rupture can increase a lot. Now the biggest one is 6cm, so you must take precautions to avoidits rupture. Bending for long should be avoided, strenuous sports should beavoided also, like football, cyclying as well as sexual life, any externalpressure can increase the incidence of cyst rupture. Your present urinevolume is approaching normal range, that means there are still manyfunctional cells in your kidneys, so it is quite necessary to taketreatment to halt the aggravation of your condition.


In our clinicalcases, some PKD patients have cysts not only in their kidneys but also in theirliver, pancreas and even brain, with the aggravation of theircondition, how about your condition?

General treatment course:

30-45days meansthe treatment in kidney failure web , during the hospitalization, your fatigue, swelling,high blood pressure can get improved gradually. And then you can dischrge fromhospital and begin the consolidation treatment in home for 3-6months, becausestem cells requires such a period of time to grow. For the consolidationtreatment, you just need take Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy inyour home. Accrding to our experience, if you can take treatment at theearlist time, you need not repear course treamtent after the strictconsolidation treatment. During the hospitalization and consolidation treatment, our medical staff in follow-up dept. will contact you regularly and giveyou direction at the first time.


Is Micro-Chinese Medicine osmotherapy Cure PKD

Is Micro-Chinese Medicine osmotherapy Cure PKD

Is Micro-Chinese Medicine osmotherapy Cure PKD

1. Is PKD patient curable through Micro-chinese Medicine osmotherapy ?

Micro-Chinese Medicine osmotherapy can shrink the cysts, prevent the cysts from growing, and help the kidneys self-heal, then kidney function will be improved. Although there are still small cysts on the kidneys, patients won’t have clinical sysptoms, and their daily life and work won’t be affected. If you want to remove those cysts totally, sorry to say no therapy can cure PKD totally, because it’s a kind of hereditary disease.

2. What is the percentage of success?

Around 95%.

3. What will be the total expenses ? ( Including Dr fees, Hospital expenses etc – in dollar ).

Generally, patients need to pay 3000 USD as the deposit as soon as they arrive to our hospital, it’s enough for the cost of first week in our hospital, including the cost of medical tests, treatments, room charge, medicine, doctors and experts consultation, and nurse service. Patients need to do medical tests firstly in the first three days, then treatment plan will be made out based on the test results, then doctor in charge will explain the treatment plan to patient and tell him if he follows the treatment plan what treatment results he will get, then if patient is satisfied with the treatment plan, he just needs to pay the money before each treatment step.

So as for your condition, I can’t tell you what will be the total expenses, only after the treatment plan is made out we will know the cost. Pls take 25,000 USD here, based on the similar patients like you, their cost is around 20,000 USD to 25,000 USD, pls note it also contain the cost of medicines used at home for two months, but it doesn’t contain the cost of meals. We will offer a separate room for you, in the room there is kitchen with cooker, then you can cook by yourself in the room or book food from canteen or restaurants near our hospital. In the room we can offer two beds, so one person can come here together with you and live together in this room.

4. Is there any package for PKD treatment ?

Yes, when you go home, you need to take two-month Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy home to do consolidation treatment at home for two months, in order to enhance the treatment effects. Pls don’t worry it, we have posted medicines to other foreign patients before, we know how to deal with it.

5. If so, What is the amount ?

It has been contained in the total cost.

6. What is the full address with province name, Airport name, pincode ?

Our hospital is located in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, China, the ZIP code is 050000.

You can fly to Beijing Airport, then you can choose to take train or take a car from there to our hospital. If you take train, it takes two hours, I’ll tell you the detailed route, if you take car, it takes four hours, we can take a car to pick you up at Beijing Airport.

7. What will be the duration of the treatment ?

One month.

8. How we will continue after post treatment ?

My colleagues who work in the Return-Visit Department will keep in touch with you to learn about your recovery condition and offer some advice.

9. What are the formalities ?

You need to send me the copy of your passport and your partner’s passport, then I’ll send you the invitation letter of our hospital to help you apply for visas. Then you can book airticket and tell me your arriving time. When would you like to come here for treatments?

10. How can we overcome the language problem ?

We can speak English, and when you stay in our hospital, one doctor, one nurse and one interpreter will be in charge of your daily treatment and life.

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Diet Plan For Kidney Cyst

Diet Plan For Kidney Cyst

Diet Plan For Kidney Cyst

Renal cysts are benign and common. 50% of people over 50 have at least one.There can be subtle changes that need to be monitored. The Bosniak system predicts the chance cancer can occur. Class 2 cysts have no enhancement on CT. Small calcifications or septa(tissue dividing the cyst) are found. Cancer is uncommon as is pain. Cysts do not cause UTIs, as they don’t communicate with the urine stream.

Low-Sodium Diet

Your kidneys help remove excess fluid from the body. When kidney cysts disrupt this function, fluid builds up in the body, leading to high blood pressure and swelling. Sodium is an essential mineral that helps maintain fluid balance by retaining fluid. A low-sodium diet is necessary when kidney cysts cause symptoms of kidney failure. If you eat high-sodium foods when your kidneys are not working properly, your body retains more fluid, which worsens your high blood pressure. You should avoid high sodium foods such as canned foods, table salt, seafood and cured meat.

Low-Fat and High-Fiber Diet

Keeping your body healthy helps prevent complications of polycystic kidney disease. recommends that you eat a low-fat and high-fiber diet to help lower high blood pressure, which can damage your kidneys. Your diet should contain plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. If you are overweight, you should lose weight because excess weight can cause high blood pressure.


If you develop symptoms of kidney failure due to polycystic kidney disease, your doctor may advise you to eat less protein. Too much protein can make your kidneys work too hard, according to Eating less protein slows down progressive loss of kidney function and also prevents accumulation of toxic substances in the body. When your kidneys are impaired by enlarged cysts, they are unable to remove protein by-products from the body, which leads to accumulation of toxic substances. Examples of protein-rich foods include meat, fish, eggs, chicken, turkey, milk, yogurt, cheese and cream..

Can i Have a Baby With Polycystic Kidney Disease

Can i Have a Baby With Polycystic Kidney Disease

Can i Have a Baby With Polycystic Kidney Disease

Polycystic Kidney Disease is inherited kidney disease that progresses slowly. If it develops into worse condition, it may affect your life in many aspects, such as pregnancy, lifespan etc.

PKD and Pregnancy

PKD patients are suggested to have a baby on the condition of stable kidney function. Due to the disease, pregnancy will overload the kidneys more, which may be a trigger of progressive kidney failure. This is dangerous for both mother-to-be and fetus.

Before you plan to have a baby, you are suggested to manage well preparation for it, including improving kidney function, controlling blood pressure and seeing your doctor at a regular basis.

Will I Pass PKD Genes on My Children?

PKD comes into two forms, autosomal dominant PKD (ADPKD) and autosomal recessive PKD (ARPKD). In ADPKD, an affected parent has 50% chance of passing the disease to his or her child. And if both parents have the disease, the affected possibility of their children will go up to 75%.

Additionally, there is a 10% rate of spontaneous mutation for ADPKD.

ARPKD, the rarer form of polycystic kidney disease, is inherited from both parents and affects between 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 40,000 babies.

Polycystic Kidney Disease and Life Expectancy

There is not a standard answer for Polycystic Kidney Disease Life Expectancy. Some patients will live their whole lives without developing into End Stage Kidney Disease. However, some others develop into kidney failure within several years, which affects their life and lifespan a lot.

PKD can cause Kidney Failure in more than 50% of the patients who have it. And most of these patients develop into kidney failure before they are at the age of 50s to 60s.

Not all patients’ life are affected by PKD greatly. Talking with your doctor about the lifestyle and treatment on the basis of your individual condition will help slow down the course of PKD.

Top 4 Opinions Of PKD

cold of pkd

Cold of PKD

1.Prevent catching cold.

PKD is a hereditary disease which will accompany the patients for lifelong time. Cold and infections will speed up the progressing of the disease.

2.Prevent physical traumas.

The multiple cysts in the kidneys will experience progressive enlargement and increase the capsule internal pressure. In such case, any light trauma like bump, sprain will further increase the pressure and have impact on large cysts which will cause the cysts to rupture and bleed.

3.Well control of hypertension.

High blood pressure will speed up renal damages and cause cerebrovascular damages, therefore it is important to bring the blood pressure well under control for slowing down the deterioration of renal function.

4. Eat healthily.

Keep away from alcohol and cigarettes. Spicy food, greasy food, sea food and strong tea or coffee are also stimulating. If you take too much, the enlargement of the cysts will be fast.

there have many kidney disease Opinions in kidney failure web

Diet for Patients with Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD)

Diet for Patients with Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD)

Diet for Patients with Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD)

A kidney support diet is generally considered the best natural treatment for PKD. A well planned diet can have a real effect on slowing the progressing of the disease, controlling the symptoms of PKD and keeping your kidneys healthy for longer.

Follow a low-protein diet: kidneys are responsible for getting rid of urea which is a waste product produced by the protein metabolism. In order not to put a strain on the kidneys, low-protein diet is needed.

If PKD patients have high level of potassium, then foods with high level of potassium should be avoided. High-potassium foods include potatoes, acorn squash, tomatoes, broccoli, lentils and orange juice; low-potassium foods include onions, mushrooms and green peppers. If your phosphorus levels are high, milk, chocolate, beer, organ meats and cola drinks and other foods with high level of phosphorus should be avoided.

PKD patients should have a diet with low salt and low fat. They should avoid beef and mutton, animal innards as well as spicy and stimulating foods. It is best to avoid foods that contain higher amounts of oxalic acid, such as spinach, rhubarb, beets, eggplants and cocoa.

Uncooked and cold foods which may injure spleen and stomach should be limited into a certain amount according to patients’ individual illness condition.

Patients with PKD should take foods of balanced amount, not too much or too little. As for patients with PKD , they can have more meals a day but less food at each in order to keep energy and nutrition that body needs.

Aovid Dialysis or Kidney Transplant For PKD

Kidney Transplant

Kidney Transplant

You do not want dialysis or kidney transplant but you are not very convinced whether you can get benefitedby our treatment.

Frankly speaking, I do not know your finaltreatment effect as well. I am sure no doctor dare to say so, before youtake one certain treatment. Because there are individual cases no matter inchinese medicine but also in west medicine. However, one point confirmed ismany patients have got benefited by this comprehensive treatment.

According to our clinical observation, mostpatients can feel effect within 3-5days in their urine color, appearance, andquantity. If they are sentitive to medicine, cysts

can shrink 1-2cm during15-30days’ hospitalization, still some may have no effect withinhospitalization. This is true, because their illness condition are quitedifferent and their sensitivity to medicine are also various. However, oneinteresting phenomenon is the smaller the cysts are, the better treatmenteffect can be. For those very big cysts say 8cm, the speed of cysts’ enlargement become slowafter treatment. We have a Chinese patient, when she was firstdiagnosed with PKD, the size of cysts was 1.5cm, when she get admitted into ourhospital the biggest cysts was 5.9, she was already undergoingdialysis because her creatinine reached up to 12 at that moment. From1.5 to 5.9, it only takes one year, so it developed veryrapidly and her renal function also declines alot. She stayed in hospital for2months, when she discharged from here, her cysts is still 5.9cm. You may think she did not have anyeffect becasue her cysts did not change. Yes, no change is the improvement,because its rapid enlargement has been halted. To treat one disease, we notonly need concern its final treatment effect but grasp its development rule.

As to the consolidation treatment,patients are requisite to take 3months consolidation treatment,after that their condition can be stable. According to our records,once cysts get stable, the treatment effect can last 7-8yrs and evenlonger time, it is highly associated with the consolidation treatmentperiod, the longer it is, the better treatment effect can be.