Symptoms Of Kidney Stones with Back Pain

back pain in Kidney stones are common – five to 10 in 100 people are affected by pain associated with kidney stones at some point in their life. Most people who get kidney stones for the first time are aged between 20 and 50.

Symptoms usually occur if the kidney stone:

gets stuck in your kidney

starts to travel down the ureter (tube that attaches each kidney to the bladder) – the ureter is a narrow tube and the kidney stone causes pain as it tries to pass through

causes an infection

Common symptoms of kidney stones include:

intense pain in the back or side of your abdomen or occasionally in your groin, which may last for minutes or hours, with intervals inbetween when there is no pain

feeling restless and unable to lie still

nausea (feeling sick)

blood in your urine, which is often caused by the stone scratching the ureter

cloudy or smelly urine

a burning sensation when you urinate

a high temperature (fever) of 38°C (100.4°F) or over

feeling like you need to urinate more often, even if you do not need to

pain when you urinate

It can be difficult to arrive at the cause of back pain, but if your pain began after an aerobics class then the likeliest cause will be a muscular sprain or pull.

This type of pain tends to be made worse by movement and eased by taking a hot bath, it gradually settles after a few days.

Kidney stone pain is described as excruciating, often linked with nausea or vomiting, may be associated with blood in the urine and is a pain that makes you restless and want to move about with it.