High Blood Pressure Lead To Renal Failure

I think you know that there are more than 1 million glomerulus in one kidney . The glomerulus in your kidneys can be divided to 3 parts . One part of glomerulus are healthy , they are maintaining the rest of your renal function . One part of his glomerulus are been damaged due to lack of blood and oxygen in your kidneys and inflammation reaction in your kidneys . The last part of glomerulus have been got sclerosis and they can’t work any more .

What we can do for you now is to help you protect your healthy glomerulus and prevent them from getting damaged by offer a good inner environment . For the damaged renal cells we should offer enough blood and oxygen to your kidneys then make the damaged renal cells get repaired . Only by this way can your renal function get improved .

According to your illness condition , Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy will have a good effect for improve your renal function .

There is some information about Micro-Chiense Medicine Osotherapy , hope it can make you clear .

You may have heard of Chinese medicine (Chinese herbs) before. Here only a simple affix “Micro-“is added before it, but it means a lot improvement in treating kidney disease. Traditional Chinese herbs are oral medicine. Firstly, they burden the kidneys, because the kidney is the organ responsible for filtrating fluid. Secondly, most of Chinese herbs decoction is bitter to drink. Many patients cannot bear them. Lastly, the rate of sorption by kidneys is very low, for it arrives at renal lesions through many tracts, such as digestive tract and gastrointestinal tract.

However, micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is different from traditional Chinese herbal medicine. Here, Chinese herbs are superfinely shattered into powder and packaged in a sack. When used, the sack should be soaked in the special penetrant for around two hours and then be heated for one hour or so. After all is ready, patients just need to lie in bed with two sacks attached to renal regions. What’s more, the sacks are connected with an osmosis device, the mechanism of which is to promote permeation of medicine by vibration indirectly controlled by electron pulse. In this way, the ingredients of Chinese medicine can efficiently permeate into the renal lesions, realizing the goal of treating kidney disease effectively. Patients would feel massaged during the treatment, very comfortable. Usually this treatment is given 2-3times every day and 45mins each time. Specifically speaking, Micro-Chinese Medicine can dilate blood vessels and decrease blood coagulation, thus improving blood circulation of kidneys. In addition, it can also decrease inflammatory reaction and degrade extracellular matrixes (ECM) both of which contribute to fibrosis of renal functional cells. In this way, Micro-Chinese Medicine can effectively prevent renal fibrosis and thereby stop your kidney disease from progressing. You can look the pictures about the procedures of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy , hope it can help you know more about it .

The near future effect is as the following: After 7 days treatment of micro-Chinese medicine. The anemia will be greatly improved. You will not feel tired and the face will be ruddy. The appetite will be good .After ten days’ treatment, there will be changes with urine. The 24 hours urine volume will increase and floc can be seen in the urine and the color of the urine will be dark , which means more toxins will be discharged out. After three weeks’ treatment, the serum creatinine will be lowered and the renal function will be improved. Some of your complications can be also controlled very well .The frequency of doing dialysis will be gradually reduced with the treatment going on and your physical condition will also get better. If your renal function can be reached at 15% , you will have the chance to get rid of dialysis later .

We will suggest you stay at hospital for about one month . The general cost is about 20.000 us dollars . Which will include your hospitalization , accommodation , nursing service , interpretor service ,etc . Except food . You can cook by yourself ,because there is a small kitchen in your ward and you can also order food from our hospital canteen .

When you go back , we will also do follow up for you because we have Return Department here . Actually our hospital is one of the largest hospitals in China which is specialized in treating kidney disease , till now more than 50 countries patients come here to receive proper treatment for their kidney disease . I’d like to also share with you some pictures about patients in our hospital and also ward . Hope you can know more about our hospital .


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