Is Micro-Chinese Medicine osmotherapy Cure PKD

Is Micro-Chinese Medicine osmotherapy Cure PKD

Is Micro-Chinese Medicine osmotherapy Cure PKD

1. Is PKD patient curable through Micro-chinese Medicine osmotherapy ?

Micro-Chinese Medicine osmotherapy can shrink the cysts, prevent the cysts from growing, and help the kidneys self-heal, then kidney function will be improved. Although there are still small cysts on the kidneys, patients won’t have clinical sysptoms, and their daily life and work won’t be affected. If you want to remove those cysts totally, sorry to say no therapy can cure PKD totally, because it’s a kind of hereditary disease.

2. What is the percentage of success?

Around 95%.

3. What will be the total expenses ? ( Including Dr fees, Hospital expenses etc – in dollar ).

Generally, patients need to pay 3000 USD as the deposit as soon as they arrive to our hospital, it’s enough for the cost of first week in our hospital, including the cost of medical tests, treatments, room charge, medicine, doctors and experts consultation, and nurse service. Patients need to do medical tests firstly in the first three days, then treatment plan will be made out based on the test results, then doctor in charge will explain the treatment plan to patient and tell him if he follows the treatment plan what treatment results he will get, then if patient is satisfied with the treatment plan, he just needs to pay the money before each treatment step.

So as for your condition, I can’t tell you what will be the total expenses, only after the treatment plan is made out we will know the cost. Pls take 25,000 USD here, based on the similar patients like you, their cost is around 20,000 USD to 25,000 USD, pls note it also contain the cost of medicines used at home for two months, but it doesn’t contain the cost of meals. We will offer a separate room for you, in the room there is kitchen with cooker, then you can cook by yourself in the room or book food from canteen or restaurants near our hospital. In the room we can offer two beds, so one person can come here together with you and live together in this room.

4. Is there any package for PKD treatment ?

Yes, when you go home, you need to take two-month Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy home to do consolidation treatment at home for two months, in order to enhance the treatment effects. Pls don’t worry it, we have posted medicines to other foreign patients before, we know how to deal with it.

5. If so, What is the amount ?

It has been contained in the total cost.

6. What is the full address with province name, Airport name, pincode ?

Our hospital is located in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, China, the ZIP code is 050000.

You can fly to Beijing Airport, then you can choose to take train or take a car from there to our hospital. If you take train, it takes two hours, I’ll tell you the detailed route, if you take car, it takes four hours, we can take a car to pick you up at Beijing Airport.

7. What will be the duration of the treatment ?

One month.

8. How we will continue after post treatment ?

My colleagues who work in the Return-Visit Department will keep in touch with you to learn about your recovery condition and offer some advice.

9. What are the formalities ?

You need to send me the copy of your passport and your partner’s passport, then I’ll send you the invitation letter of our hospital to help you apply for visas. Then you can book airticket and tell me your arriving time. When would you like to come here for treatments?

10. How can we overcome the language problem ?

We can speak English, and when you stay in our hospital, one doctor, one nurse and one interpreter will be in charge of your daily treatment and life.

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