About Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Many people feel impressive about our treatment method—Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and they are curious about its nature and treatment mechanism on Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). This treatment composes of traditional Chinese herbs and modern medical technology. At present, it plays a striking function in the treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease. This article will introduce this treatment from two aspects as below:

1) What is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy?

You are probably to heard about Chinese Herbal Medicine. Our treatment is also made of herbal medicine but it is processed with high technology and the performance on treating Chronic Kidney Disease get improved a lot. The original herbal medicine requires decoction and oral intake, which causes an irritation to gastrointestinal tract system. Because of its bitter taste, many patients can not endure that in the long run. Also, there is a long way for the active ingredients from mouth to renal lesion, so there are a great amount efficacy has been lost during this course.

Compared with the above deficiency, Osmotherapy has made great breakthrough in administration method. First, the active ingredients are superfinely shattered into powder and packaged in a sack. When used, the medicine sack should be soaked in the special penetrant for around two hours and then be heated for one hour or so. After all is ready, patients just need to lie in bed with two sacks attached to renal regions. What’s more, the sacks are connected with an osmosis device which can vibrate gently. Under this vibration, active ingredients can enter into renal lesion effectively, achieving the treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease.

2) How dose Micro-Chinese Medicine work in the body?

According to the latest cytology findings, Chronic Kidney Disease results from fibrosis of inherent cells in kidneys. The course of renal fibrosis is the progression of ischemia and anoxia in kidneys. However, Micro-Chinese Medicine has good curative effect in improving the state of lacking blood and oxygen. Specifically speaking, Micro-Chinese Medicine can enlarge blood vessels and decrease blood coagulation, which can promote blood circulation of kidneys. In addition, it can decrease inflammatory factors and degrade extracellular matrixes, both of which can rev up the fibrosis of renal inherent cells. In this way, Micro-Chinese Medicine can effectively block the progression of Chronic Kidney Disease.

I hope the above instruction about Micro-Chinese Medicine is understandable for you and brings you a new hope for the treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease. If you have any discomforts and symptoms of kidney disease, you can consult our experts online or send your medical reports to kidneyfailure@hotmail.com, our medical staff will help you analyse your condition and give you related suggestion.

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