Dialysis For Diabetes with Kidney Disease

Dialysis For Diabetes with Kidney Disease

Dialysis For Diabetes with Kidney Disease

You told me that your father is suffering from Diabetes for 15 years, high blood pressure for 20 years, and he has taken some medicines, maybe all these factors damage your father’s kidney function together. Now your father’s creatinine is 415.6, age: 67, which means he has already in the stage of CKD4. If the his disease can’t be controlled well, he will develop into the CKD5 quickly, at that time, he has to receive the dialysis.

Now, your father’s should not do so many busy work, because the busy work will increase the burden of kidneys, the kidney disease will deteriorate quickly, he should stick to the balance between work and rest. In his daily life, he should have low-salt diet, quit smoking and drinking, don’t eat spicy food, fast food, stimulating food, don’t stay up all night, don’t catch a cold, because cold is very easy to get infection in the kidneys.

1. After our treatment, most of the patients have good treatment effect. Their kidney function can be enhanced, their discomfort feelings has alleviated. The best treatment effect for the patient is to get rid of the dialysis, but this good treatment effect is not depends on our treatment, but also depends on the cooperation between kidney experts and the patients. After our treatment, the patient should pay more attention to his daily life, and the kidney experts will tell them what they should do, what they should not do. For some patients, they received the dialysis for 5-10 years, they don’t have urine output, it is very difficult for them to get rid of dialysis, after our treatment, they can reduce the dialysis time, such as three times a week dialysis can reduce to two times dialysis a week.

Your father doesn’t need to do the dialysis at present, your people don’t need to think about this question.

2. After our treatment, we suggest the patient stick to the treatment when he at home, and our Return Visit Department will call or e-mail him regularly for knowing his body change and guidance his treatment when he at home, if the patient’s illness condition is steady, we just post the medicines to him. If his disease become better, he will send his recent medical reports to us, after our kidney experts analyze his illness condition, we will give him the proper suggestion to reduce or increase the medicines. If his illness condition become serious, we need the patient to tell us his recent daily life, medicines, physical medical reports etc. After the kidney experts analyze his illness condition, we will give the patient proper suggestion, or we need the patient come back to our hospital.


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