Top 4 Opinions Of PKD

cold of pkd

Cold of PKD

1.Prevent catching cold.

PKD is a hereditary disease which will accompany the patients for lifelong time. Cold and infections will speed up the progressing of the disease.

2.Prevent physical traumas.

The multiple cysts in the kidneys will experience progressive enlargement and increase the capsule internal pressure. In such case, any light trauma like bump, sprain will further increase the pressure and have impact on large cysts which will cause the cysts to rupture and bleed.

3.Well control of hypertension.

High blood pressure will speed up renal damages and cause cerebrovascular damages, therefore it is important to bring the blood pressure well under control for slowing down the deterioration of renal function.

4. Eat healthily.

Keep away from alcohol and cigarettes. Spicy food, greasy food, sea food and strong tea or coffee are also stimulating. If you take too much, the enlargement of the cysts will be fast.

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