Light Physical Activity Increases Kidney Function

tai ji

tai ji

Recently, a new analysis of the NHANES data found that one hour of light physical activity every day helps to improve kidney filtration rate by 3-6%.
We know our kidneys work as a filter in our body. They filter our blood, during which nutrition are kept and wastes like creatinine and urea nitrogen are excreted. In our kidneys, glomerular filtration membrane plays the role of filtering blood and GFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate) which describes the flow rate of filtered fluid through the kidneys within limited time is used to reflect kidney function. Light physical activity improve glomerular filtration rate means much more blood can be filtered by our kidney if we do light physical activity regularly and also much more wastes will be excreted by our kidney within limited time.

Since physical activity is beneficial for our kidneys, we can do more exercises in our daily life. In modern society, due to work requirement, office workers may sit for a long time without having any physical activities and study has found that these sedentary individuals had 2.2 times the risk of developing Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) than those who were active. Therefore, for the sake of health, office workers can have a walk or do morning exercises regularly.

As for the light physical exercises, different people may have different standards: For children, they can increase their physical condition by bouncing the ball, playing football and basketball. For young people, they can play golf, tennis and ride on bicycle at weekend. And if possible, they can walk to home after work. For elder people, TaiJi, QiGong and having a walk on park will be the better choice.

Aside from helping to increase our kidney function, light physical activity also help to keep us away from many other problems. Therefore, developing the habit of doing light physical exercise will be very beneficial for our health.

Learn about tai ji for kidney disease


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