Exercise For Type 2 Diabetes

Exercise For Type 2 Diabetes


Exercise plays a role on prevention of type 2 diabetes. How to build exercise plan for type 2 diabetes with diabetic foot is an important thing to do. Here are some principles of exercise from ADA and ACSM.

1. Know your condition.

Before you begin an exercise plan, you need to consult your doctor who knows more about your condition. You are advised not to do some exercise which are not helpful to you.

2. Choose a personalized exercise

You can choose a sport that you are fond of and persist. In general, walk is the best sport for type 2 diabetes. Table tennis or badminton is an alternative sport for them. Swimming also helps to control diabetes. Therefore, diabetics need to choose one sports which they love.

3. Adjust your exercise plan

Diabetes patients can start from 10 minutes exercise and gradually, last 30 minutes. And you also need to adjust your exercise plan according to the condition and blood sugar level.

3. Find a proper shoes

For diabetics with diabetes foot, they should find proper and comfortable shoes. After exercising, you need to wash your foot clean and make sure it dry. But remember that do not exercise when you have open sores on your feet.

Exercise is a better way to help you control blood sugar and lose weight. If you have diabetic foot, consult your doctor who will recommend some exercise which is suitable to you.


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