How to Manage Swollen Legs in PKD

Swollen Legs in PKD

Swollen Legs in PKD

Swollen legs are commonly seen in Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD). It reflect other problems in the body.

Why do people with PKD suffer from swollen legs?

Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) is characterized by a cluster of cysts in kidneys. The cysts will increase with age in both size and number. As a result, the growing cysts will compress the adjacent kidney tissues, thus leading to renal function decline.

Healthy kidneys can remove metabolic wastes and excessive fluids from body. However, the impaired kidneys fail to function normally. Thereby, excessive fluids and wastes will build up in body. Swollen legs is just due to water retention.

How to manage swollen legs in PKD?

1. Swollen legs is caused by water retention in body. We can relieve the swelling by reducing the fluid intake and salt intake.

2. The doctors will prescribe diuretics if the swelling is serious. This can promote the excretion of fluid from body, thus remitting swollen legs.

3. The patients can put the swollen legs on a bench when sitting down. When sleeping, the patients can also put a pillow between the two legs. It can promote the recovery of swelling.

4. Retention of fluid can not only cause swelling, but will also lead to high blood pressure. Therefore, ACE inhibitors and ARB drugs are usually prescribed to control high blood pressure. Meanwhile, these medicines also have effect in preserving renal function.

The above treatment measures can relieve swollen legs, but can not control the condition completely. As the large cysts are the causes of swollen legs in PKD, the treatment goal should be shrinking the cysts and stopping them from further enlarging.

Once the kidney structure is restored, the kidneys will function better in eliminating wastes and fluid from body. In this way, the water retention will be fundamentally solved.

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