How to Lower High Creatinine

Been wrapped kidney disease, creatinine increased, creatinine lower? To fight peoplewith kidney disease began, the patient’s creatinine is elevated. While patients withelevated creatinine, kidney disease treatment, looking for lower creatinine method, sometherapy is to lower creatinine. The following hospital experts to introduce creatinine lowerin what ways?

To find methods to reduce creatinine, but also to an understanding on creatinine.Creatinine is mainly the product of creatine metabolism in the body, a small part by thefood is digested and absorbed by the body to come. The creatinine easy excreted by the kidneys. In the control of protein intake, activity was relatively constant, the serum creatinine levels than the determination of urea nitrogen content of more of renalexcretory function.

Lower creatinine, the patient is to pay attention to diet. Only renal insufficiency creatinine,oliguria, edema patients can not help but salt and water to maintain a low-salt diet. Ifthere is serious swelling and high blood pressure and even heart failure should be strictly limited ban salt.

Want to reduce creatinine, dialysis therapy is also very good. Dialysis treatment can play a role in alternative renal excretion of metabolic toxins, excessive accumulation ofmetabolic waste of the patient’s body to be excreted, but this treatment, but instead of thekidneys to the exercise of its functions and the removal of toxins through the external, itcan only play a temporary relief role remains to solve the fundamental problem of notnephropathy, because the inherent structure of the damaged kidney.

Lower creatinine Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine therapy of TCM micromotherland medical disease outside the government “principle, to traditional Chinese medicine as the means of delivery, guided Massage the skin, sweat glands, acupuncture points, capillary line, the penetration of active ingredients of Chinese medicine to the kidney, thereby activating the nephron, glomerular sclerosis atrophy to restore normal physiological function, so that renal rehabilitation.


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