Dialysis For Hypertension Nephropathy

Dialysis For Hypertension Nephropathy

Dialysis For Hypertension Nephropathy

Kidneys have three main functions:

1) Absorb the useful substance from the human body, such as the renal tubules can absorb the useful substance from the original urine.

2) Discharge the waste product from the human body. Such as the waste product can be leakage from the glomeruli.

3) Secrete the waste product from the kidneys. Such as the kidneys can secrete the EPO to produce the red blood, and kidneys can secrete the special substance to maintain the balance of blood pressure.

At present, dialysis only can achieve the second function, the first and the third function can’t be achieved by the dialysis. Therefore, after the dialysis, more patients’ creatinine still higher than the normal level, and the hemoglobin is lower than the normal level, patients have the renal anima.

Kidneys are very different from other human organs, the clinical symptoms always lag behind the pathological damage. For example, if the patient present the symptoms like foam in urine, dizziness, fatigue, vomiting etc, which means the patient’s kidneys have damaged already. For some patients, they don’t have any discomfort feelings, when they go to the local hospital, they are diagnosed as the kidney failure. Most of them will be shocked by the result, because the kidney disease has a character which is called concealed, it is not easy to find this disease. Therefore, if the patient is in the stage of CKD3 (Chronic Kidney Disease 3), he should receive the CKD4 treatment to protect his kidneys and delay the development of kidney disease.

Now you have already in the stage of CKD5, only take the medicines for hypertension and dialysis, this is not enough for your disease, this is the reason why we hope you receive the useful treatment as soon as possible. Like you said, no thing can compare with the health.


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