How To Treat CKD Disease

How To Treat CKD DiseaseTo treat  CKD disease, first, we have to stop the inflammation in the kidneys. That’s not difficult. There are many westernmedicine and Chinese medicine can achieve this effect. However, it is not enough. Suppressing our immunity will make us easy to get infection and thedisease is easy to relapse. Therefore, we need the second step, that is removethe immune complex and extra cellular matrix in the kidneys.

To remove the immune complex in the kidneys, we use Chinese herbal medicine.Because the active material of the Chinese herbs can combine with the immunecomplex, split them and discharge them out of body. Besides, the Chinesemedicine can dilate the blood vessels, improve blood circulation and increasethe blood flow in the kidneys, so the immune complex and extra cellular matrixthat caused renal fibrosis in the picture can be discharged out.

The most important thing is to clean the blood and repair the damaged kidney cells.This is the third step. To clean the blood, western medicine has hemodialysis.However, hemodialysis can only remove the small molecules toxins like creatinine, urea and uric acid. Large molecules toxins like Homocysteine andretinol binding protein are still in blood and cause more serious damage.Therefore, for end stage kidney disease, hemofiltration, hemoperfusion and plasma exchange can be used combinedly according to the patients’ condition and based on the complete test results. With this treatment, you can avoid the dialysis and kidney transplant.In Chinese medicine,Chinese herb bath therapy, foot bath therapy and acupuncture can also achievethe effect of blood purification.

Asthere is still protein leakage in your urine, it means your disease isstill progressing. Early treatment is very important.

There is a man, 60years, a renal failure patient, from your Trinidad and Tobago. His disease condition is more serious than your wife. Before take our treatment, he needs to take the dialysis 3 times a week, creatinine level is very high to more than 800, severe anemia, hypertension is as higher as 160/100. What is more, his kidney have shrunk, the size is 7cm. His local doctor told him there is no solution except kidney transplant, but for his old age, the kidney transplant has a largest risk on his life. He is very upset and sad. But after our treatment, his condition gets better. His dialysis duration is much longer than before, he takes dialysis has been reduced to one time a week. His hemoglobin rises up so that his anemia gets better and the fatigue, weakness disappears. By the micro Chinese medicine osmotherapy provide enough blood and nutrients for the kidney, the shrunk kidney grow 1cm, now his kidney is 8cm. Now, he can live and work just like a normal person.

His disease condition is more serious than your kidney disease condition. If you can take this treatment soon, you will get much better effect than him.


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