High Creatinine Level 6.7 With Diabetes

High Creatinine Level 6.7 With DiabetesMy wife is 68 years old and has diabetes for some ten years.My wife is diabetic and was just told that she needs dialysis because her Glomerular Filtration Rate is 10.9 Over the last three months her creatinine level rose to 6.7 from approx. 4.2.

She should have a special diet plan for her disease. The low salt, low fat, low protein and high quality food are good for her. As her potassium level is really high, she also pay more attention to her intake of potassium. Such as banana, mango,potato, beef, corn and mushroom should be avoided.

As her high creatinine level and high potassium, maybe she can take the dialysis first at your local place before you come to China. Her high level potassium is too dangerous to take a flight.

For your questions:

1, You can take a direct flight from your country to Breijing Airport. Then I can arrange a car to pick you up.

2, Generally, we suggest the patients stay here for about 3 or 4 weeks and take one to three months’ medicine home for consolidating treatment. Your doctor and nurse will do follow-up for you and guide you with the treatment and daily care.

3, Our hospital provides a private ward for every patient. Every ward has two beds. You can live together with your wife and take care her life. There is a small chicken kitchen in every ward. You can buy some vegetables and cook for yourself. Or you can ask our nurse to help you cook foods or buy some foods for you and your wife.

Her creatinine level is really so high, which can reflect that the she is in the high toxin stage. Her kidneys can not work well and there are much toxin and metabolite and the immuno complex hav been accumulated in her whole body not only her kidney. If she is in this high toxin stage for a long time, these toxin will harmful to her other organs also. Her high creatinine level because her kidneys have been damaged and can’t work well. To treat her kidney disease from the root, the key point is to repair her damaged kidney cells and improve her kidney function. When her kidney function is improved, namely the kidney can eliminate the toxin very well, then she can get rid of the dialysis. Hope you can understand my feeling!

Of course, it is not permanent treatment. Dialysis can lower the blood pressure in short time, but to make the blood pressure stable still needs the regulation of Chinese herbal medicine.


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