Diet Avoid to IgA Nephropathy

Diet Avoid to IgA NephropathyWhile receiving treatment for IgA Nephropathy, you need to arrange a proper diet. It can help you alleviate the clinical manifestations and guarantee a better treatment effect. Advice for you as below:

1. Be a vegetarian is recommended.

2. Eat foods that contain high-quality protein, such as lean meat, chicken,eggs; Egg white is also ok. Avoid beans and bean products. Meanwhile, restrict the protein intake, or they will burden the kidneys.

3. Restrict the intake of salt— to help manage your blood pressure. A low-salt diet can also help minimize fluid retention and swelling.

4. Limit high-potassium content foods, such as bananas, tomatoes, oranges, to name a few.

5. Keep warm and avoid cold, or it will aggravate the damages of kidneys.

6. Do not eat spicy food, seafood, beef, mutton, crabs, garlic, onions, parsley, dog meat and wine, coffee, seasoning and other stimulating food and don’t eat animal livers.

7. Fish and fish oil are also recommended.

Other NOT-TO-EAT foods:

1. Preserved duck egg, containing Pb, poisonous.

2. Fermented bean curd, containing hydrothion, damage to kidney.

3. Aginomoto, containing Glu, turn into coking Glu after heating, carcinogenic.

4. Instant noodles, containing preservative.

5. Melon seeds, containing unsaturated fatted acid, affecting liver function, and fattening.

6. Spinach, not for 40 years old people and above, containing oxalate, can cause zinc deficiency and calcium deficiency if combined with zinc and calcium.

7. Pork liver, 800g cholesterol per kilo, highest among animal entrails.

8. Roast beef and mutton, containing benzol, carcinogenic.

9. Pickle, sauerkraut, containing nitrosamine, carcinogenic.

10. Deep-fried dough sticks, alums is aluminiferous, can damage kidney, affect brain cells, can cause senile dementia.


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