Nutrition and Diet Avoid Kidney Disease

Nutrition and Diet in Kidney DiseaseWhen a person has renal failure it means the kidneys cannot filter the toxins that accumulate in their body from the things they eat and drink, and the medications they take. Because of the inability of the kidneys to perform this function these wastes build up in the blood system and can cause illness and even death.

There are many foods that contain minerals and substances that are especially harmful to a person with renal failure. Below is a list of foods to avoid if you have renal failure.

Avoid foods with high sodium content

Too much sodium in the diet can cause fluid retention and raise your blood pressure. Seasonings like soy sauce and teriyaki sauce, canned foods, processed meats, snack foods, pizza, hot dogs, pickles, cheese, and even frozen vegetables with sauce are high in sodium. Avoid them. Keep your daily sodium intake less than 1.5g.


Potassium should not be restricted routinely, as it is present in many very healthy foods, however this is sometimes necessary when kidney function has become very poor. High potassium levels are very dangerous but usually only a problem in advanced kidney disease. Depending on medication some unlucky people need to restrict potassium at milder levels of kidney failure.

Avoid foods high in sodium if you have renal failure

Foods that are very high in sodium are canned soups and other canned foods, packaged foods, and processed meats. Too much sodium is unhealthy for anyone and especially if you have renal failure. Avoid foods that are high in sodium and try to reduce the amount of salt you use on foods.

Milk may not be the right choice

Avoid or limit milk or milky drinks up to half a pint per day if you are suffering from kidney failure. Milk is high in potassium content. In some people it may lead to milk-alkali syndrome wherein there is a shift in the body’s acid-base balance towards alkaline because of high levels of calcium. This may permanently damage the kidneys since this condition is not reversible if one suffers from kidney dysfunction.


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